Introduction To Email Marketing and How it Can Help Small Businesses

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email marketing for small businesses

Email marketing is the most efficient and effective direct marketing channel. The estimated ROI of $1 is calculated to be up to $44 when it comes to marketing using emails. 

Under no circumstances should this simple and sure-shot form of marketing be avoided. It helps stay relevant and also makes them aware of new products and services. 

A tool as useful as email marketing should be implemented after having a certain idea about it. Here, we will tell you everything there is to know about it.

What Is Email Marketing?

what is email marketing

Marketing using email is when you send a business message to a group of people who have consensually subscribed to your emailing list. 

It may be used to inform, drive sales and create brand awareness. 

The modern format of emails has moved beyond the traditional email blasts. This would involve a certain generic message being sent to everyone. Emailers today are more focused and personalized. 

The Different Kinds Of Emailers

Emailers can either be Promotional or Informational.

Promotional Emails

These emails have the segregated purpose of promoting a service or a product. These emails are generally a part of a marketing campaign. A set of 3 to 10 different types of emails are sent in this case to your mailing list. 

Promotional emails have distinct CTA buttons which either directs someone to a product page or online store or website. 

These emails are sent during specific times, and not randomly. 

Informational Emails 

These generally exist in two forms, Newsletters, and Announcements. 

A newsletter helps you share information about your service or product. These are generally sent out weekly or monthly. A specific schedule creates anticipation among your subscribers. 

Newsletters do not need to be about ‘news’ all the time. Email guru, Ann Handley suggests focusing more on the ‘letter’ bit of it. Viewed from this perspective, a newsletter can help communicate views, insights, and tips with your consumers. This helps build a certain connection with your audience. 

Announcements are another aspect of informational emails. They help in communicating company announcements, changes to service, new releases, etc. 

Are Emailers Still Relevant In 2021?

are emailers still relevant In 2021

Email has been one of the first forms of online communication. You might wonder that with the advent of new forms of communication, is email marketing still relevant! The truth is, emails have never been more effective than right now. It is estimated that there are over 4 billion global email users. 85% of all Americans check their email at least once a day and a large number check emails more than once. 80% of business professionals believe that marketing via email is the best way to retain your customers. Concerning these facts and figures, email marketing cannot be taken lightly. Let’s look at its benefits. 

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing? 

benefits of email marketing

Marketing using email primarily helps you achieve three objectives. 

Online Conversions

If you are intending to initiate a sale or promotion, a promotional email campaign can help you drive sales. 

You can also use email marketing to send out special and discount mailers. Personalized emails, like birthday offers and anniversary greetings, are also included. 

Abandoned Cart Emails are specific emails that are sent out to potential or existing customers when they desert a cart and don’t go through with their purchase. 

Brand Awareness

The most amazing thing about emailers is that they allow you to conduct a one on one conversation with your customers.

Considering that personal emails are well-curated, the opportunity to show up in someone’s email allows your brand to stay on top. 

Personalized emails are more effective than social media posts. With emails, you can be certain that they will be seen. 

One of the main benefits is scalability. You have the opportunity to send out a vast number of emails that are sure to be viewed at almost no cost. 

Customer Loyalty

It is the perfect tool to build a community. Email is the ultimate way of establishing and maintaining customer relationships. 

Your newsletter content might be so good that your consumers might eagerly wait for it. 

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

why is email marketing important

– Email marketing has amazing accessibility. You can communicate with a wide variety of people, who might be well versed with technology or not. 

Checking emails is something that even people who aren’t tech-savvy can do. This opens up a huge opportunity for your business. 

– Emailers are extremely affordable. Most marketing tools related to emailers have extremely affordable packages. 

Emailer tools offer free plans without any commitment as well. These free plans are perfect for businesses that are new and getting started. 

– Emailers give you a direct line of contact with your consumers. You own your email list which entitles you to a direct line of communication with your consumers. 

Importance Of ATop’s Email Marketing Services

importance of atop’s email marketing services

At ATOP Digital we are very well aware of the importance of email marketing and take it as an integral part of your digital marketing. Our experienced writers create personalized emails for your consumers. 

Using the right tools and resources, we ensure that your email list is always eagerly waiting for your emails. Not only existing customers, but we also make sure that there are constantly new subscriptions to your emailing list. 
So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to know all about email marketing and how it can help your business.

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