Content Marketing Aspects Your Business Should Focus On In 2021

Content Marketing Posted On: Aug 20, 2021

content marketing

Are your blogs and social media posts getting lesser traffic consistently?

Has it become more difficult to rank on popular SERPs?

If your business is facing these challenges on a daily basis, you have to take a whole new approach to your content marketing. 

Content marketing focuses on building a strong relationship with your target audience through consistent, streamlined, and high-quality content. 

This accurately sums up what content marketing is all about and also the primary reason why it is not working for you. Every single company out there is focused on creating high-quality content. There are over a billion blogs online, which means that for every 7 people in the world, there is one blog. 

The competition is intense. With social media, the gateways are closed until you opt for advertising. So, what are small businesses supposed to do? How are they going to see traffic?

Here are all the key aspects of content marketing that your digital marketing agency needs to focus on right away in 2021. 

Focus Beyond SEO And Social Media

focus beyond seo and social media

When it comes to content marketing, the focus definitely needs to be on SEO and social media. However, both of these aspects, require constant strategy and yield fruitful results in the long run

The problem becomes that it gets very difficult for small businesses to start ranking in any way whatsoever. A simple and easy way to start promoting your content is by push notifications or browser notifications. 

People can subscribe to these push notifications and every time you release a blog post, you can send out a notification to inform all your subscribers . This is the same way that you get notifications for new content on Netflix or an update on someone’s birthday on Facebook. 

You don’t have to necessarily stop here, you can promote the same content using messenger bots, email marketing, and remarketing. You can even choose to reuse the same piece of content in video and audio form. 

Your digital marketing agency should definitely be leveraging these tactics to promote your content. You will definitely see more views and engagement and these tactics will have a considerable impact on your SEO and social media rankings as well. 

Start Translating Your Content

start translating your content

English is the most competitive language for SEO. Most of the world uses other languages to search on Google. For most corporations, the biggest traffic gains come from translations. 

You can use Ubersuggest to start translating and transcribing your content. It will even tell you the top-ranking keywords for different countries. 

Once you start doing this to your content meticulously, you will see that you are picking up traffic from all over the world. Translating your content opens up the market for your brand. 

Spend More Time Updating Content

spend more time updating content

There is a general notion that you need to be taking out content at warp speed. This is not true. Rather than taking out content,  you need to be focusing on updating and optimizing previous content. 

Relevance is key when it comes to every single aspect of your content. The digital marketing agency you hired needs to focus on this right away. Updating content increases traffic and also keeps your content relevant and up to date. 

It is imperative that your digital marketing agency spends more time updating your old content than fishing out new ones. This will definitely increase your traffic. 

Optimizing your CTR

optimizing your ctr

If your digital marketing agency cannot optimize your click-through rate then, you need to hire a new marketing agency. It is believed that there will soon come a time when marketing companies will be only focusing on CTRs. 

CTR optimization gets you more clicks by optimizing your title tag and meta description. Here are 10 hacks that will help you get more clicks. 

  • Questions offer you a 14% higher CTR
  • Titles between 15 to 40 characters offer over 8% CTR.
  • CTR increases by 45% when there is an exact query in the URL.
  • Power words help increase your CTR by 13%
  • Titles with emotion generate a 7% higher CTR than those without emotions.
  • Your CTR goes up by 5% if you have a meta description.
  • 4% higher CTR for titles with years.
  •  6% higher CTR if you evoke curiosity.
  • 10% increase in CTR for titles on education.
  • Focus on Paid Ads.

Focus On A Whole New Kind Of SEO

whole new kind of seo

Video content is way more important and engaging than written content. Although written content is unavoidable in any other form of content. Videos have already taken over. As a business, your content needs to be focused on Video as well. 

This means an entirely new kind of SEO optimization. Focusing on the right keywords. Optimize your title tags, meta tags, and make sure you speak about the mentioned keywords in your video. These are a few tips to get your video organic engagement. 

The hired digital marketing agency needs to be focused on SEO relating to videos. 

Concentrate on CRO

concentrate on cro

Your content is ranking but how much revenue is it generating. This is the real question you need to ask yourself and focus on your conversion rate optimization. 

A CRO expert can help your content drive revenue. Talking about your products and services within your content, Adding ads for your own products and services within your content or on the sidebar, and adding exit pop-ups to collect emails in order to send compelling content through email marketing to convert them into customers are all ways to generate revenue through content. 

Email Marketing

email marketing

Even in 2021, emailers are the most effective direct marketing tool. You should use email marketing to its full potential. The ROI for $1 is estimated to be almost $44. 

Digital marketing agencies still consider this marketing aspect to be most effective. Emailers allow your business to inform your customers about new products and services. It also helps establish a bond of trust with your customers.

The content for email marketing should be engaging and simple. It should compel your customers to take action. Timely emailers always keep your customers informed about your brand. One should always be careful not to slip into the spam zone. 

Why Is ATOP Digital The Best Digital Marketing Agency for You?

atop digital the best digital marketing agency

Well-versed with these aspects of content marketing, we can help chalk a crystal clear marketing plan for your brand. It is important to note that digital marketing is not about instant results.

 We, at ATOP Digital, project realistic goals for your business based on your current online rankings. This allows you to monitor progress. We also keep things transparent. Whether it is content marketing or a brand new SEO strategy, we make sure you are on board with our plan. 

We make sure you are always up to date about the latest reports and online progress of your business. Our client-first attitude always makes you feel that you are in good hands. 
So what are you waiting for? Visit our website today to find out more about our digital marketing services.

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