Is Your Amazon Marketing Agency Targeting The Right Keywords?

Amazon Marketing, featured Posted On: Aug 30, 2021

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Before the PPC ads and the marketing strategies, the first step that your Amazon Marketing agency should take is to create stellar product listings to make your Amazon store or Seller page engaging and clickable. 

No matter how good your products are, if they do not rank on Amazon search, there is no point in them. The first step to creating a successful Amazon profile begins with the right keywords. Targeting the right keywords and constantly optimizing them to get better results. 

As a seller on amazon, you should always make sure that keyword optimization and targeting are part of your Amazon marketing services provided to you by the designated amazon marketing agency. Here are few tips to better your amazon keyword research.

Your Customer’s Perspective

Any good Amazon marketing agency should always view a product from the perspective of the customer. It is important to understand your customer’s psyche and use relevant keywords. This mostly involves intuition and experience. No tool can help you with this regard. This is a good way of checking the credibility of the amazon agency you are hiring. 

This is trying to walk in your customer’s shoes to make sure you have an idea about how they search on Amazon. For example, if you are listing a mobile phone on Amazon, the term ‘smartphone’ will be applicable as a keyword. In the case of the term, camera, alternate keywords can be, ‘DSLR’ or DSLR camera, considering of course the product is a DSLR, to begin with. You can also extend on this by targeting keywords more specific to the product, like, focusing on the number of megapixels the phone camera has. 

Focusing on translations is also an important aspect. If you are selling a product on amazon. For example, you will know that a lot of products will not be searched in English. In this case, using the colloquial or vernacular language would be much better along with the English keywords. Using keywords in different languages also allows you to focus on streamlined location-based ads when promoting specific products. 

Use Amazon Autocomplete 

The Amazon algorithm uses predictive text to make your searches much easier. For example, if you type in smart on the Amazon search bar, the algorithm will give you a host of options concerning that keyword. 

This autosuggest feature gives you a real-time view of the most common searches on Amazon. Look at this as a free keyword research tool. Make sure that most keyword combinations about your product are being used in your product listings, especially when it comes to long-tail keywords. 

This is something that you can check by yourself. It is a bit time-consuming but these keywords are guaranteed searches on Amazon by legitimate buyers. Your Amazon marketing agency should be targeting these keywords. 

Use Keywords from Frequently Bought Together Items

This is more of a hack, where you try and sprinkle in keywords related to items that are bought with your product. Amazon clubs together these items and features them as “bought together” items. 

Using these related keywords might help your products appear as frequently bought together items. It is also important to use keywords constantly targeted by competitors and big players in your industry. A quick view of any of their product pages will give you an idea about what keywords are targeted. 

A lot of information about keywords can be figured out from Amazon itself. Following your competitor’s product info or keywords used in the title can help you figure out the right keywords, especially long-tail keywords to target. 

Use Keywords From The Web

Most products searched on Amazon are likely to be searched for on popular search engines like Google. It is helpful to carry out keyword research on the web to lock on to specific keywords to target. 

This is a simple exercise where you search for keyword data from your website and make them part of your keyword list. It is always advised to pick keywords with a high volume. You can choose from key phrases, short and even long-tail keywords. 

Using Long Tail Keywords

Providing specific information is more likely to get the top rankings on Amazon. This is specifically what consumers are after. Long-tail keywords allow you to describe your product more precisely and assist you to climb the ranks. For example, Full Sleeved Blue Shirt >> Cotton Full Sleeved Blue Shirt >> Large Sized Cotton Full Sleeved Blue Shirt for Men. 

All of the three mentioned are examples of long-tail keywords. The last one specifies the search to the exact keyword that is used. Using such keywords is recommended in the title. Your listings become more specific by the addition of long-tail keywords. The longer your listing titles are, the higher are your chances of converting. 

Using a Dedicated Keyword Tool

We would recommend using a dedicated keyword tool like Helium10 to help you with your keyword research and listings. 

These dedicated keyword tools suggest plenty of keyword suggestions and ideas based on the specific Amazon URL. Keyword tools like Helium 10 help you search for keywords based on specific locations based on the amazon URL, for example, keywords for will be different from amazon. in. 

choosing the right amazon marketing agency

From the right keywords to other Amazon marketing services, we are here to make your Amazon store better and more efficient. 
Our client-first attitude and stellar customer service will always make you feel like your brand is in good hands. Our long list of satisfied clientele will vouch for our credibility and convince you that we are the right company for you. Contact Us today to know more about our Amazon marketing services and more. Stay on top with ATOP Digital.

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