Off Amazon Marketing Tips to Drive Sales to Your Listing Page

Generating enough sales on Amazon? Guess what, you can sell more on Amazon using a sensational off amazon marketing strategy.


Off Amazon marketing is an advertising tactic that lets you market your products outside Amazon and redirect your customers straight to your Amazon listing page.

Not to mention it drives traffic to your Amazon listing page, rack up your rankings, increase conversions, and generate some juicy sales.

Do we have your attention already?

If you really want to start making some extra profits then you can start right away with our curated list of Amazon marketing tips.

Here they are:

Start Crushing Third-party Ads

The best way to start promoting your Amazon listing page outside Amazon is through third-party ads.


By using paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest you can significantly bring more customers to your Amazon listing page than through organic Amazon efforts.

You can start off by running ads on social media and use them to redirect customers to your website or Amazon listing page.


Target the right demographics of your audience, use intriguing images, and a persuasive copy. Make sure you end your ads with a clear CTA that will make visitors click them.

Next up, create a pre-sell landing page with a link to your Amazon listing page. This will generate interest amongst your customers and give you an initial hint of your product response.

When selecting a landing page, try a good squeeze page for capturing emails of your prospective customers.

Once they provide their email you can send them an exclusive discount coupon via email and redirect them to your listing page.

Take Advantage of Quora and Reddit

You know what? Quora is a GOLDMINE when it comes to generating leads and you should definitely not miss out on it.

It’s a Q&A website/online forum where millions of people ask questions and get answers daily.

All you have to do is lookup for product related question threads and start answering questions that might involve products similar to yours.

The trick is to not hard sell your products but to highlight their advantages and how they benefit the visitors reading your answer.

At the end of your answer, you can add a link to your listing page that will bring those readers straight to Amazon.

You can do the same with Reddit. It’s an online forum that has multiple categories of specific topics called subreddits.


Lookup for subreddits about products or something related to your product niche. You can then promote your products with a link back to your Amazon listing page.

Write Content on Popular Blogging Sites

Here’s the thing:

Writing content on popular blogs is an underrated yet great way to generate sales for your products.

Most people often overlook them and cut down their earning opportunities.

You can create blogs on your products and publish them on popular blogging websites like Medium.

You can also publish them on LinkedIn using their publishing tool. Thanks to the vast network of LinkedIn, you can reach out to many people with just a single post.

To create some sensational content, make sure you cover as much information about your products as possible.


Highlight the benefits of your product and give examples of real-life scenario showing how the product could benefit the customer.

You can also tell a story about your product and how it was made. People are curious when it comes to origin stories. Not just that, they help make a great impact on the buying decision of customers.

By introducing your product through a narrative arc, you stand a great chance of encouraging readers to make a purchase through your blog than through bland product descriptions.

And yes, don’t forget to end your blogs with an impactful CTA that would redirect to your listing page.

Get Smart With Email Marketing

Email is still a great medium of communication no matter how you look at it.

If you really want to leverage your Amazon sales outside Amazon, then start firing those email marketing campaigns.

In order to get emails from your customers, you can start building a newsletter and promote it on your social media channels and website.

For example: To make your customers sign up for your newsletter, you can give $20 discount coupons on your products.

This will help you fetch a good amount of emails from interested customers and also identify what product was sold the most.

You can then promote Amazon products to these customers using their email addresses.

Create Coupon Codes

As you may have guessed by now, coupons can act as hooks to lure customers into buying your products.

But what about people that don’t want to share their email address with you? What about general people who might be interested in your products but don’t know about them yet?

The answer to that is coupon code websites.

There are plenty of websites that allow you to share coupon codes online.

To create coupon codes for your product, go to your Seller Central account and click the ‘Promotions’ tab under ‘Advertising.’


In that, you’ll find plenty of options to create your coupon promo codes.

Just create a good coupon for your product and find a coupon sharing site to post it.

Coupon sharing sites are also great for backlinks so that’s another advantage of using them.

Once shared, you can drive significant traffic to your Amazon listing page.

Host Some Fun Giveaways

Another Amazon seller strategy you should definitely try out is product giveaways, because who doesn’t like participating in free contests?

They are fun, engaging, and do a great job of generating awareness for your brand.

You can get in touch with an influencer or do a giveaway yourself right from Amazon.

For people who participated but didn’t win the contest, you can give your products at a discounted rate and make some sales there.


Before hosting a giveaway, do check if you have a good enough reach to make your promotion successful.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it all up, selling outside Amazon is a great way to make additional sales without burning your pocket.

Though it might seem challenging at first, with some right tips and strategies you can easily make your campaigns successful.

Use these tips to your advantage and start leveraging your off Amazon campaign to its fullest.

If you need any help setting up your off Amazon campaign or need a robust Amazon marketing strategy to boost your sales, feel free to contact us.

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