Here’s Why a Complete Health Checkup is Important for Your Amazon Account

Are you aware of your performance on Amazon? Ever considered doing an account health checkup of your Amazon Seller Account yourself or via an Amazon marketing agency?

As a seller, checking your account’s health is just as important as achieving your daily sales targets.

After all, what could be worse than getting your account suspended by Amazon without knowing the cause in the first place?

But fret not, this post will help you understand the importance of maintaining a healthy Amazon account so you can start taking adequate measures early on.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

What is Amazon Account Health Checkup?

The Account Health Checkup is an analysis of the overall performance of your Amazon Seller account.

It includes a thorough examination of key metrics to make sure your account complies to Amazon’s policies and performance targets required to sell on Amazon.

These key metrics can be found on the Account Health page under the ‘Performance’ tab in Seller Central.

Why Check Your Seller Account’s Health Status?

Here’s the thing:

Amazon is VERY particular when it comes to customer trust and maintaining a positive buying experience on their website.

So to ensure customers have a great experience when shopping, sellers on Amazon have to meet certain performance targets.

Amazon has a review team that regularly evaluates seller accounts and notes down issues (for e.g, poor reviews, violation of Amazon’s policies, etc.) They then notify the seller about the issues to get them resolved.

When a seller fails to do so or not meet the required targets, their account is suspended or deactivated by Amazon due to poor performance.

A low-quality score can also hamper your marketing efforts. You may see low impressions on ads (maybe increase your Amazon ACoS), or underperformance in your listing page.

This makes it crucial to check your Seller Account’s health daily.

Top Reasons Behind Your Amazon Account’s Suspension

There could be plenty of reasons behind Amazon blocking your seller account. Here are some of the most common ones:

Selling Restricted Products

This one speaks for itself. If you are selling products that aren’t approved or don’t meet Amazon’s standards then it will definitely block you from selling them.

Amazon maintains a list of restricted or banned products and has a strict policy when it comes to selling them.

If you are a supplier, it is crucial to read the policies before you list any products on Amazon.

Creating New Account After Suspension of Old Account

Many sellers make the mistake of opening a brand new seller account once their old account gets suspended thinking that they can trick Amazon. Well, this makes things even worse.

Starting a new account makes a negative impression on the appeal process and further delays reinstatement.

Amazon uses several ways to link old accounts with new ones. When it discovers that the new account was linked to the suspended account, it pretty much leaves no chance for the seller to make a reinstatement.

Having Multiple Seller Accounts to Sell Similar Products

According to Amazon, it is against their Terms of Services to own more than one account to sell similar products.

However, there is an exception to this: You are allowed to own more than one account only if you have legal reasons.

You are also required to have a different bank account and an email address to create a new Seller Account.

So, if you are planning to uptick your sales by selling similar products on different accounts then it might not be a good idea. Doing so will result in your Amazon account’s suspension.

Not Meeting Performance Metrics

As you already know, Amazon regularly checks for sellers’ performance metrics to verify whether they are being fulfilled by sellers or not.

Metrics such as Order Defect RatePre-fulfilment Cancellation Rate, and Late Shipment Rate play a crucial role in determining your customer service performance on Amazon.

It’s thus essential to track these metrics daily to optimize your customer performance levels.

Tips to Protect your Amazon Account from Getting Suspended

If you want to successfully maintain your Amazon account’s health and avoid suspension then here are some useful tips to get you started:

●      Check Your Product Quality

Start by checking your product’s overall quality.

Are your products causing most of the problems? Do a comprehensive review of your products.

Try to look for any red flags received from Amazon. It may be possible that some ASIN listing suspensions might have occurred in the past.

Did you receive any complaints due to bad product quality?

Try to rectify such issues as soon as possible.

●      Verify Your Listing Information

Is your listing information in place? Is it being misunderstood by buyers?

Make sure you verify every word in your listing page and paraphrase them to make them sound more accurate as possible. This will avoid any misinterpretation by buyers.

If you are using different variations for keywords in your listings, proofread your content for misleading information that might be making your buyers report your products.

●      Look Into Customer Service

If you are receiving messages from buyers, never avoid a single notification. Make it a habit of swiftly replying to every customer message.

Keep in mind that not replying to customers or addressing their issues counts as a missed customer metric target.

Don’t make your buyers file a complaint. Try to provide a great customer service to stay good in the eyes of Amazon.

●      Keep an Eye on Your Performance Metrics

These are the core aspects you have to check regularly to avoid missing any performance targets and getting suspended by Amazon.

There are different performance metrics which highlight different rates that are to be maintained.

1.      ODR (Order Defect Rate):

This metric is calculated on the basis of three other metrics: Negative Feedback RateA-to-Z Guarantee Claim Rate, and the Service Chargeback Rate.

Your ODR should be less than 1% to be considered safe.

Try to avoid getting negative feedback, an A-to-Z claim, or chargeback from customers at all costs.

2. Late Shipment Rate:

This metric includes all products with shipment confirmation that have been completed after the expected shipping date.

It is calculated by dividing the orders having delayed shipping with the number of total orders for that time period.

The percentage you shouldn’t exceed for LSR is 4%. By keeping it under 4% you also increase your chances of winning the Buy Box.

 3.   Perfect Order Percentage Rate:

This is only applicable to US sellers.

It is calculated by dividing the total number of sales (not including chargebacks or refunds) with the number of total orders under 90 days.

You are expected to keep it 95% or more.

 4.  Pre-Fulfillment Cancellation Rate:

This rate is calculated by dividing the number of orders canceled by a seller prior to shipping with the total number of orders made in that relevant time period.

Amazon suggests keeping this rate under 2.5%. Anything over 2.5% brings a negative impact.

●      Analyze Your Product Returns

Were any of your products returned by customers? Finding the reasons behind that can help you discover potential issues such as bad product quality, inaccurate listing page content, pricing of your products, etc.

You can understand the cause behind your product returns by downloading the FBA Customer Returns report.

●      Check For Any Flagged ASINs

Next up, you should definitely look for any flagged ASINs. This happens when your products have a significant amount of complaints or are marked for bad buying experience.

Try to look for each notification and review your ASINs to find out what actually caused your products to get flagged. If it’s a hard block or soft block listing notification, then take actions immediately.

You can also look for patterns in complaints to identify what is making people unhappy about your product.

Taking these effective measures will save you from getting a listing suspension from Amazon in the future.

●      Remove Fake Reviews

Last, but not least, you should also look out for fake reviews. They can literally get you suspended if Amazon’s team detects them.


If you have fake reviews on your websites then make sure you remove them as soon as possible.

Sometimes competitors can also pose as customers and post negative reviews.

If you find something suspicious, do report them to Amazon’s Marketplace Abuse teams.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, regular Amazon’s Health Checkup is crucial if you want to successfully grow your business on Amazon.

Doing a comprehensive health checkup lets you evaluate key metrics, keeps you informed on different listing page issues, and prevents suspension of your Seller Account.

If your own Seller Account is suffering from bad customer service performance and is in need of an in-depth health checkup then we can always lend you a hand.

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