How to Get Positive Amazon Product Reviews & Attract More Customers

Imagine this. Your customer is shopping on Amazon and is about to add a product to his cart, but then he spots a negative review.

He then immediately remove that product and start looking for some other product that has positive reviews.

Such is the influence of online reviews.

If you want to make a great first impression of your product on Amazon then there’s nothing better than doing it through positive reviews.

They are powerful and spread the word about your product rapidly.

But exactly what can you do to get positive reviews for your products on Amazon?

Well, that’s what you’ll find out in this post. But first, let’s start with the obvious.

Why Are Amazon Product Reviews So Important?


You may ask, what’s the big deal with product reviews anyway?

The fact is customers are always looking for credibility when shopping online.

Customer reviews are testimonies of your product’s performance in the real world by real people. They help people make better purchasing decisions and also popularize your product without any extra efforts.

Not to mention they can fuel your sales dramatically and help your products get in the spotlight.

To back it all up, studies also suggest that:

  • More than 90% of customers say online reviews impact their buying decisions.
  • About 79% of customers online trust reviews like personal recommendations.
  • Some 73% of customers believe positive reviews help them trust a business more.

As you can see, reviews are kind of a big deal when it comes to your business and shouldn’t be neglected. In fact, review generation and management is a top priority for many marketers and Amazon marketing agencies.

Bottom line: The more positive reviews you have, the better your product will sell on Amazon.

How to Actually Get Reviews on Amazon

If you want to supercharge your review generation while adhering to Amazon’s Review Guidelines, then we have some neat tips and tricks to help you do that.

Here’s how to get Amazon reviews fast:

Give Your Customers a Great Buying Experience

To first golden rule when it comes to generating positive reviews is to give your customers some top-notch buying experience.

And the best way to do that is by staying as much honest about your product as possible.

Try to provide accurate information about your products that doesn’t mislead your customers.

Most customers leave negative reviews when they feel they are tricked into buying your product or when they don’t get a satisfactory product.

Here’s how you can give your customers a great buying experience:

Communication: Maintain good communication with your customers. If they try to get in touch with you, try to address all their queries in a friendly way. Be quite clear with what you’re offering to avoid any miscommunications later on.

Packaging & Shipping: Take extra care when delivering your products as bad packaging can instantly ruin your customer’s buying experience. Use high-quality packaging and ensure your product doesn’t get damaged along the way. Attach a ‘Thank you’ note with your product as a friendly gesture.

Product Listing: Make your product listing as transparent as possible without appearing salesy. Avoid slangs, use beautiful images, and accurate descriptions to give early hints about your product.

Pricing: Get really competitive when pricing your products. Don’t overprice your products but also don’t try to keep your pricing low. Research your competitor’s pricing and balance yours in the best way possible.

Reach Out With Follow-up Emails

The next thing you want to do is send follow-up emails to customers that have bought your products.

This can be a great way to build early engagement with your customers once they have purchased something from you.

Keep in mind that though Amazon sends emails to customers after a purchase, they’re automated and not personalized.

Try to send personalized emails to your customers and ask for feedback. The best time to send emails is shortly after they have made a purchase.


This will make them feel special and increase your chances of getting a positive review for your product.

You can also make use of specialized feedback programs to automate your emails.

Take Advantage of Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program

This is a great way to rack up reviews if you are a fairly new seller on Amazon and your products have less than five reviews.

But what exactly does the Amazon Early Reviewer Program do?

Essentially, the Early Reviewer Program allows Amazon buyers to leave a genuine review on a new product for an incentive like an Amazon voucher.


This makes it great for both buyers and sellers as the former gets rewarded for their reviews whereas the latter gets reviews for their products.

Though keep in mind that this applies only to products that have been purchased by your customers. i.e. Amazon will only ask those customers to post a review who have actually purchased a particular product.

Nonetheless, it’s still a good way to get started. Try to give your customers great first-hand shopping experience and see your positive reviews gain traction.

Leverage Review Generation Through Social Media


Social media can be a great tool to generate reviews.

Here’s how:

If you have a good list of email ids of your customers, there could be a possibility that they might also be following you on social media.

So all you have to do is host a contest or run a campaign about your product on social media and ask them to share their experience with your products.

You can then redirect them to your listing page and prompt them to post a review.

Try to do this on as many social networks as possible starting with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Also, make sure that you engage with your customers on a regular basis.

Not only will it help you snag some good reviews but also boost your engagement rate on social media.

Hire a Top Influencer

Did you know that influencers can make your products go viral and create a buzz amongst customers?

This means more word-of-mouth popularity and thus more reviews.

To get your products out there you first have to find top influencers in your business niche. They could be anyone from video creators to bloggers or social media stars.

Start hunting them down on social media sites, blogs, forums, etc.

One great place to find them is YouTube, it is a GOLDMINE when it comes to niche influencers.

Make sure your budget fits their rates as influencers charge some amount of money for their campaigns. But considering the high possibility of returns, cost shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Reach out to them and let them create a sensational brand awareness campaign to help your product get in front of thousands of customers.

Influencer marketing will help you quickly generate plenty of reviews in a short amount of time as well as boost your sales.

Take Advantage of Amazon Giveaways

Using Amazon Giveaways is yet another great way to popularize your products and generate tons of reviews.

Amazon Giveaways is Amazon’s solution to running contests that lets customers win products and help sellers get more reviews and engagement.

One great thing about this giveaway program is that the reviews generated from it are more likely to be considered more authentic and will likely stick out.


Its working mechanism is also simple. You purchase the products you want to give away at the price set on and pay for other additional charges such as tax and shipping.

Your products are then given away to random customers based on the criteria you set. You can select winners randomly or on a First Come First Served basis.

For non-winning customers, you can offer coupon codes to help purchase your product at a great discount.

This strategy not only helps you rack up your sales but generate reviews more quickly as most of your participants are likely to leave reviews after the giveaway.

For more information, you can also refer to this FAQ page and get a better idea of Amazon Giveaways.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Some really neat tips to help you generate quality Amazon reviews for your products.

Make sure you try them out and leverage your review generation to the next level.

If you don’t want to do all the heavy lifting yourself, you can also ask us for help.

We are a digital marketing agency ourselves that has helped businesses generate positive reviews on Amazon and increase their sales.

Our Amazon marketing team uses genuine whitehat review generation techniques to help you achieve great results.

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