How to Launch Your Products on Amazon (Useful Tips to Know)

Alright, so you want to launch your product on Amazon. Great! But do you know how it’s actually done?

You see, there are plenty of hurdles when it comes to planning the right Amazon launch strategy.

Launch your product the wrong way and see it sink down the last page, never to be found again. This makes it important to plan your product launch strategy properly so your products get all the spotlight.

Luckily, we have just the right tips on how you can do that. Read along.

Pick the Right Products

This is the first crucial step to your launch success.


Because the type of product you’ll be promoting will determine the success of your Amazon business.

Keep in mind that an ideal product isn’t always about how great it is but about how well it sells on Amazon.

This is the mistake most people make when they market their products on Amazon. When it comes to success, you have to do a pretty in-depth analysis of your product market.

Here’s what you should focus on:


Knowing your competition is important, especially if you are new in the market.

It’s hence better to target a smaller niche with lesser competition than a broad niche with more competition. Though this might end up with fewer sales you’ll get to rank your products higher in less time and get a good exposure.


This is what you should focus on next. Knowing about your ideal audience will help you get a good headstart.

Make sure you do some thorough research on your audience. The insights data will help you get an understanding of what they might be looking in a product.

You can also use tools like Marketplace Analytics and Jungle Scout to examine your product’s competition. Both are great, especially Marketplace Analytics which also tells you your niche competition.

Market Yourself as a Brand

If you want buyers to praise your products you should definitely pick a good brand name to be recognized on Amazon.

This is important and will help you get more popularity for your products once they start selling well.

So when you register for an Amazon Merchant Account, make sure you pick a good business name that resembles a brand and which can be expanded into a larger business.

For example, don’t register with something like ‘Ideal Software Products Ltd.’ instead go with something like ‘CompSoft’ or ‘IdeaSoft.’

Though your business name will only be visible under the product title of your listing page, it’s still worth it to pick a good brand name for your Amazon business.

Create a Fantastic Listing Page

You must also pay attention to creating a fabulous listing page as it’s where your customers will spending most of their time.

Start by doing some research on different categories where you think your product can rank best.

You must also spend time on doing some comprehensive keyword research.Using appropriate keywords in relevant fields of your listing page will give you a boost in rankings.

Once that’s done, start making your product listing.

Go to Seller Central where you create your seller account, then head over to Inventory. Under it select ‘Add a Product’ and then ‘Create a New Product Listing.

Make sure you fill out all the necessary fields, implement your top-ranked keywords in important places such as the Title, use high-quality images, and write a good description for your product.

Optimize Your Listing Page

Now that you have a fantastic looking listing page, your job just doesn’t end there.

You should also focus on optimizing your listing page so that it performs well on Amazon.

Here’s what you should focus on:

  • Title: The title is a crucial element of your listing page. Make sure you craft a title that enlists all the USPs, benefits, and other important features of your product. Try to optimize it with relevant keywords.
  • Bulletin Features List: Make your features list stand out by highlighting the top feature of your product. Try to also focus on how they can benefit the customers in simple words. As a best practice, you can also highlight your top features by capitalizing them in bold.
  • Product Description: You should definitely optimize your product description to make more impact on your customers. Try to describe your product in the most intriguing way as possible. Avoid using slangs and jargons and use plain English in active voice. Also, make your text more skimmable with short sentences.

To learn more on how you can further optimize your listing page, you can also check out our listing page optimization tips to further hack your listing page for maximum performance.

Keep an Eye on Your Inventory

Imagine your listing page is performing really well and your sales are skyrocketing. Then all of a sudden your inventory goes out of stock and your sales start to drop.

Pretty scary situation isn’t it?

In order to avoid it, you should always check your inventory status and the number of products you have in stock.

Once your product starts selling on Amazon, you can periodically check your inventory account to see how many items are left in stock.

The ideal thing to do is to set-up email notifications, this way you can be notified whenever your product inventory gets low.


You can also track the graphical representation of your product sales in Efficient Era to predict when your inventory might need restocking.

Cultivate Some Good Reviews

To ensure your launch becomes successful, it’s always better to have some good reviews by your side.

Reviews will make a good first impression on your customers and convince them to buy your products.


But how can you do that? How can you generate reviews for a product that hasn’t even launched yet?

The simple strategy to make customers buy your products with no reviews on Amazon is this: Pre-launching them on your own website first.

You can sell them on your website first and ask initial buyers for feedback in the form of reviews. In this way, you will generate plenty of reviews before your product is even launched on Amazon.

You can then highlight those reviews in your product’s description using Amazon’s Enhanced Branded Content (EBC).

You can also use those reviews on your website and redirect customers straight to your Amazon listing page.

Try using social media to your maximum advantage to leverage the promotion of your website and Amazon page.

In this way, you’ll be able to gather some great reviews over time.

Start a Buzz Before Launch

Before you actually go ahead and launch your product, the last but crucial thing you might want to do is create a buzz around your product.

This will make your audience more curious and excited about your latest release. To create some sensational buzz around your products, try doing the following:

  • Do pre-launch promotion on social media: Social media is the ideal platform you can use to spread the word about what’s coming. Create viral posts, engage with your followers on social networks, create branded hashtags to get the ball rolling.
  • Write blogs: Blogging is a great way to bring your new products in front of prospective customers who aren’t yet aware of your business. Create a blog on your new product line-up and make sure it’s engaging. Then link it to your Amazon page so that shoppers will directly land on your listing page and make a purchase.
  • Hire influencers: Influencers are great for brand awareness and will help you create some buzz for your new products. Depending on your budget, you can hire a micro or macro influencer from your product niche and do a viral campaign for your new products.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, preparing a launch strategy for Amazon isn’t easy. It involves numerous steps and a great deal of planning and research before you launch your product on Amazon.

But fret not, with these essential tips you can take the right steps and make your launch strategy successful.

However, keep in mind that planning an entire product launch all by yourself can be a risky endeavor. Without professional tools and right strategies, a single mistake during your product launch can ruin the reputation of your products.

It is thus recommended to hire a dedicated Amazon marketing company that can professionally help you launch your products on Amazon.

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