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Trendy and Spicy

Being aware of the latest trends and using customer data to leverage the possibility of running a viral campaign is our forte. Knowing what’s happening in and around the political and entertainment framework helps us to come up with content that your audience will be able to relate to and give a shout out to their fellow social networkers. Products, news and any kind of arousing post content require the touch of that latest piece of hype that’s going around to instill a light in audience and we know how to maneuver it.

Emotional Sentiments

A large part of driving viral campaigns is being able to connect on an emotional level with your target audience. Once that’s done, the audience does the rest. It’s being able to take hold of those subtle requirements in planning out campaign ideas that help us to reach out to them more. Our team of marketing experts has time and again used experimental campaign ideas to check the response levels of our niche audience and we know what kind of a video or post will bring their attention at decisive times.

Purpose Driven

Viral campaigns work for a different reasons but it’s important to nail down the objectives of the given campaign to get the exact results. Atop Digital seemingly looks for the purpose behind the marketing campaign and decides to take action on the factor that businesses want to address. Raising brand awareness and building an established social presence can be two different concepts when it comes to creating a video that has to go viral. So we take down our notepad and get busy with the intention of your marketing objective and our production team then develops a pre production script that will be an ideal hit.

Last but not least- Reporting

We might create the most excruciating of campaign ideas that go viral but that comes only after you’ve said yes to it. We allow our clients to have complete access of what’s going on inside the creative head and make timely suggestions that can be incorporated into the campaigns. We facilitate a project management tool where you can monitor every stage of the creation process and the strategies we’re using to convey the message.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of viral marketing?add

As a Viral Marketing Agency, here’s what we believe – Viral marketing can come on a low budget level. They have great chances of getting your brand idea across your audience and help you to build a sustainable base of followers. Once a post or video becomes viral, you’re on the sweet spot, and your business experiences something that would have otherwise turned out in a decade. As social networks are the game players today, the word gets spread in all channels. For instance, your post might go on YouTube but essentially the heat of it will be experienced in Twitter or Reddit where the debate about it goes on.

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